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Home Loans SA

Capitec Home Loans

Capitec home loans have really evolved over the last couple of years as one of the leading banks in South Africa and they have a very unique home loan offer for applicants.

They basically offer loans from R100 000 to R5 million and the repayment terms goes up to 240 months or 20 years. This all depends on your credit profile and will vary according to the applicant's financial records.

Capitec home loans is a relative new department and they have teamed up with SA home loans to provide this service to their clients.

They are one of the top performing banks in South Africa and they have grown tremendously over the last couple of years. We will be following them closely in the coming months, to keep all our readers updated on all the latest home loan offerings from their side.

They are currently working with SA Home Loans in this regard and they also state that approval can be done within 5 working days, after all the documents have been provided. If you are looking for a home loan, be sure to consider Capitec bank with their very innovative and excellent customer service and product offering.

We are able to assist you with your home loan application, so be sure to contact us below and one of our home loan consultants will get in touch with you.

One of our skilled consultants will contact you to discuss the various home loan options available to you and how to proceed with the home loan application.

FNB Home Loans

FNB is surely one of the most innovating banks in the world and with their recent award, they have the goods to prove it. FNB home loans offers a wide variety of home loan options and it all depends on which criteria apply to you, in terms of your home loan requirements.

The first and original option for a home loan basically states that the loan must be finished before the applicant reaches 75, so there is an age limitation.

This type of home loan is available to applicants, joint applicants and property owning juristic persons. The second option you have with FNB is that of first time home buyer and it states that it needs to be for a fully built property, with no previous finance in place.

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Nedbank Home Loans

Nedbank has always been one of our favourite banks and they offer some great home loan products. Basically, they have split up the home loan options into 2 main sections and it's basically defined as follows:

The first being a home loan option for an ordinary home loan, whereby you buy an existing property. The criteria include that you are able to repay your loan for up to 25 years and you can have a fixed or variable interest rate for your home loan.

If you want repay the home loan sooner, you always have the accelerated payment option included, to pay off your home loan in a shorter time period.

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